Red White Lightning Storm 9x12 Rug from

Red White Lightning Storm Rug #1796

Size 9'x12'  Available now

Dirt resistant long life hand woven wool.


Size 9 ' x 12' Red Storm here now

One-of-a-kind Rug #1796


Call to buy this 9' x 12' rug or pre-order in your size


Call Wendy:  505.503.7276


Durable hand woven wool Rug, Imported

Red, ivory, black, natural grey

Call Wendy  505.503.7276  for ordering information.

This individual rug in 9x12 is here now!


This pattern rug can be pre-ordered in standard or custom sizing.

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This Rug is all wool with natural colorfast dyes,

natural wool colors and is completely reversible.

Call Wendy  505.503.7276

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Currently we have one 9' x12' now.

Or pre-order in your size. These rugs are all hand made.

Each rug is unique.

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