Crystal Star Wool Rug Size 5'x7'

One-of-a-kind Rug Size 5'x7' #1900

This 5'x7' rug is available Now!

Natural sheep wool dark Chocolate border and accents, natural sheep grey, natural ivory and natural colorfast dye red accents.


Natural colors and natural sheep shades blend in harmoniously with most any indoor lighting and decor.

Completely reversible, quality high count weaving. This is a one-of-a-kind rug. You can have it made for you. Natural wool shades will vary from rug to rug, batch to batch.

Call Wendy 505.503.7276 for availability  

Close-up center design from this one-of-a-kind hand woven wool rug. This is a rug that can be walked on and enjoyed for many years. It also works well as a wall tapestry.


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Rug Ordering information

Rugs may be ordered in the sizes and colors you need. Please call for more information. These are unique rugs with all natural dyes and sheep wool shades.  

Call Wendy at 505-503-7276 for ordering information.  Email

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