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Expressive Red with Brown and black Striped Chief #1782

Hand woven Wool Rug


One-of-a-Kind rug very unique and vibrant rug.

Size 8'x10'


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Proportions change with the dimensions of each rug

Expressive Red with Brown and black Striped Chief #1782

Close-up size 8' x 10' above


This rug has a variegated textured natural red background for a rich beautiful effect.

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This is a one-of-a-kind rug in size 8'x10'

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You may pre-order in any designated sizes.

Hand woven Wool Rugs. Imported Pak Dhurries. Completely reversible, natural dyes, natural wool colors made in a superior quality extra tight durable weave. 100% wool.


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Close-up view of this Size 8' x 10'

One-of-a-kind hand woven wool rug. There is only one!


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